Terry McGinity Sculptor

Copyright Terry McGinity


Self portrait. Hornton stone. 2009 My background

I have been an actor and a teacher of children with special needs since the early seventies.When I returned from a stint on Broadway in 1995 I started a series of Life classes in clay at The Working Men’s College in Camden Town. I discovered my fondness of stone down at Portland,Dorset,in a short course in a quarry.

For a few years I trundled my stone and gear to a remote part of Regents Park where I worked whenever I could and whatever time of the year. There is now a workshop at the bottom of my garden.

What draws me to sculpture and to stone and concrete in particular is an honest expression of what moves me.My work is evolving,always waiting for the really good one,but I think it will always be concerned with perception rather than concepts;moments that have registered with me over the years and now.

Protection Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture project in a Primary School